lørdag den 18. december 2010

Kesha - Animal + Canibal

Kesha, has released her album with a new EP called "Canibal" .

i love her single "Tik Tok" & the latest "We R What We R".

enjoy this good and funny release from Kesha.


Jessica Simpson - The Singles Collection

Jessica Simpson - Singles Collection

Well i must say i have follow her since the beginning, and she has made some good singles uptil now. but my fave will always be "I Will Love You Forever".

Enjoy this fantastic release


Jessica Simpson - Happy Christmas

Well Merry Christmas everyone,
this is the new chrismas album by american singer/actress Jessica Simpson, and it´s pretty good i think.

enjoy this lovely christmas album..


onsdag den 15. december 2010

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster EP

Lady gaga, what can i say other than I LOVE U..

this is the EP only with 8 tracks i have bought, and the songs have no filtered on it, in other words she sings FREE BITCH, and i love the originality , so you don´t have so here her say FREE BET.. that sounds weird.

enjoy this good release , and be prepered for this spring when she´s goin to release her new album called "Born This Way"


Lindsay Lohan - Spirit In The Dark Promo (2010)

Lindsay Lohan is one of the most gossiped girl the year, but i will be honost i really like her and this compilation shows her singing skills, and the leaks are very good.

enjoy this speacial release i have made for you


tirsdag den 14. december 2010

Alesha Dixon - The Entertainer

Alesha Dixon - The Entertainer

Well well Alesha has done it again with her brand new album.

i can remmber Alesha being in the girl trio called "Miss-Teeq" and i really loved them, but Alesha has a very good solo album now.

it´s her 2nd album and she has released the singles "Radio" and "Drummer Boy" and the new single called "Every Little Part of Me"

enjoy this great release


Kat Deluna - Inside Out (2010)

Kat Deluna - Inside Out (2010)

Here´s Kat Deluna´s new album called "Inside Out"

it features the singles "Unstoppable" , "Push, Push" and "Party O'Clock (featuring Onassis)"

it´s an okay album but i am missing some of the singles leaks on it aswell as other songs. i think the album is too short, but a good album if you are a big fan of hers.